10 Best Useful apps for Instagram

There are millions of photos that are being posted by people everyday on Instagram which constantly making it hard  for other people to out stand their photos .

So how will you compete with those millions of photos if you doesn’t have anything attractive in your photos? Well fortunately we have tons of apps to make you content/photos stand out of the crowd and to make them attractive.

These 10 Best useful apps for Instagram will surely gonna help to create awesome content irrespective of skill level. Checkout the link given for more information about the app .

1. Google snapseed ( IOS / Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
source : Snapseed , google play

Google snapseed is a free powerful photo editing tool which can change your picture in minutes . It has many professional editing functions as well like curve graph , raw editing etc. . The user interface  is also very friendly .

2. Swipeable/ Inswipe ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
source : VSCO , google play

These are really cool apps , they allow you to put parts of photograph in a particular order. So that whenever anyone swipe right in your photo they will get a panoramic view of the photo . Cool isn’t it ?

3. VSCO ( IOS /Android)

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
source – Inswipe ,google play

VSCO is one my personal favorite after snapseed . it has tones of filters you can use to make your pictures so attractive . Their editing tool is also give you wide variety of option to choose from . They also buy presets which you can buy on a really cheap price .

4. Boomerang by Instagram ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
Source : Boomerang, google play

This fun feature is given by Instagram , you can access this option from the camera option . What this feature do is , it records a video and then repeat the moments in the  video which make the video funny but also stunning.

5. Inshot ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
source : Inshot , google play

This app allows you to add music , voice cover and visual effects and transitions to your video which you can use for Instagram or YouTube too . It also gives you many more features.

6. Quik by gopro  ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
Source : gopro quik , google play

Just like Inshot it also allow you to edit your video but with more convenience . It has preset which you can apply to the video . music , transition and visual effects will automatically be applied to the video.

7. Picsart ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
Source : Picsart, Google play

Picsart is a great app , you can do almost every editing on this app . From normal square crop for Instagram to manipulating photos , this app is best for all .

8. Vimage ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
Source : Vimage, Google play

If you have a photo of cup full of tea and you wish if you can add some steam over the cup , so this app is for you . You can add many visual effect to your photo with this app and can make give your photos a strong visual appeal .

9. Plotagraph/ Zoetropic  ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
Source : Zoetropic , Google play

Plotagraph for IOS and Zeotropic for android do the same work . What they actually do that they add motion to your pictures . For example if you have a photo of yourself with a waterfall in background and want that waterfall to be in motion you can do that with these apps . These apps are fun .

10.Grid maker ( IOS /Android )

10 Best useful apps for Instagram
source : Grid maker, google play

Last but not the least , Gridmaker . I am pretty sure that you have seen many people who put a single picture in tiles form , what that mean is they crop a picture into 9 different 1*1 tiles and then they upload in a particular order and when we see all the 9 tiles together we see a complete photo . that looks cool too . By using grid maker you can do the exactly same .

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